How Prepping in Advance is Clutch

Aight. So I will admit it, I am a huge fan of my kitchen gadgets. I use my air fryer DAILY and my instapot several times a week. I am a SAHM and while some ppl think we just sit around watching tv and eating Taco Bell, that surely ain’t my life! I am BUSY.Continue reading “How Prepping in Advance is Clutch”

Do you have a Survival Backpack?

Ok. We’re building a survival backpack. A GO bag, just in case you need to run out the house fast. What would you need?Water bottles, compact food sources (granola bars, snacks), sewing kit, duct tape, fishing line, bandages and alcohol/neosporin, utility knife, a charged battery pack (or 2), warm socks, undies, gloves, baby wipes, toothpasteContinue reading “Do you have a Survival Backpack?”