Any Body is a Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ Body

If you have a body, you are welcome to join my Sunday yoga class. Some may have the misconceptions that only a certain type does yoga. Well, there is a paradigm shift coming down the pipeline. And the world of yoga is widening. Check out my Sunday Flow class at 9am CST. It’s donations basedContinue reading “Any Body is a Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ Body”

I’m officially a YOGI!!

My journey to become a yogi was thrust upon me. I had NO INTENTION on becoming certified in this practice. I was just using yoga as a way to balance my fitness routine and to keep my body functional. I am very open and share a LOT. One of my Facebook friends shared a scholarshipContinue reading “I’m officially a YOGI!!”

Turn Up! It’s a Salad Party

Ok, I have a busy 15 month old toddler named Jeremiah or just J. So doing many things becomes a lil more challenging with this busy baby running around. He makes most tasks interesting…kinda like a built-in obstacle course. So it was beautiful day when I met a friend, Shari, with a child his ageContinue reading “Turn Up! It’s a Salad Party”