Some Book Recommendations

I am a black woman, wife, and mom. I am into fitness, history, politics, and current events. Many of my book selections stem from these categories and some are suggestions or random choices. Here are a few of my recent book choices…(this post has affiliate links) 1. “Bag Man” by Rachel Maddow. This book wasContinue reading “Some Book Recommendations”

Shake the Need for Head Pats

You gotta release the need for validation. You gotta release the need for positive feedback and stop worrying about other ppl shaming or insulting you. They are insignificant. A couple of books that I’ve read that have helped solidify this for me: “The Four Agreements” and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck”. OnceContinue reading “Shake the Need for Head Pats”

A Few of the Audiobook Gems That I Listened to This Year

We can easily fall prey to the opinions of others. I get it. But at some point learning to shake free of ppl and their opinions is clutch. I already had a dearth of fcks to give. Now I have even less. No matter your lot in life, you lead something. Someone is watching youContinue reading “A Few of the Audiobook Gems That I Listened to This Year”