Do you have a Survival Backpack?

Ok. We’re building a survival backpack. A GO bag, just in case you need to run out the house fast. What would you need?
Water bottles, compact food sources (granola bars, snacks), sewing kit, duct tape, fishing line, bandages and alcohol/neosporin, utility knife, a charged battery pack (or 2), warm socks, undies, gloves, baby wipes, toothpaste and toothbrush. (Feminine products if you’re still getting your period.) Hair ties, ain’t finna have hair whipping like Mulan. And matches in a plastic baggie so they don’t get wet. Ohhh, some empty trash bags or plastic bags. Might need to lay on the ground or cover your head.

I wouldn’t want the backpack to be too heavy, but we should be able to get thru a day.

My friend said get things you can barter that ppl will need or want. Like a dozen small bottles of alcohol or coffee, maybe candy or. cigarettes. Stuff that ppl will trade.

A friend on FB said,

“Now let me start by saying that my mind is militarized and I think like a Soldier.

  1. First thing in a kit is force protection measures. Otherwise you are building a kit to be taken. You have to protect yourself.
  2. Always remember the foundation of survival. The 5 Cs of Survivalability. Cover, Cutting Tool, Containers, Combustion tool and Cordage. Use that to prioritize how you build your kits. Having those on lock drastically increases your chances of surviving the elements, which is your biggest enemy.”

Habits Build a Lifestyle

Preparation and foundation building are what makes life flow easier. And you can apply this to fitness or anything. I will give examples related to health and fitness bc that is my lane.

A clean and organized space makes it easier to grab your shoes and keys and get out for a run or to the gym. You don’t spend a bunch of extra time searching for things and you can get to the mission at hand.

Organized drawers, free of ill fitting or holey clothes, makes it easy to grab and go without much contemplation. Saving time helps get started with the mission.

Buying nice stuff that fits and getting rid of old stuff on a regular basis helps you look nice, feel good, and save time Bc you should know your possessions.

Keeping staples like: onion, garlic, olive oil, butter, flour, sugar, and the like make meal planning simply a motion of filling in the missing pieces of your meal.

Kitchen gadgets can be clutch. Having to chop and stew and defrost stuff takes time. Many ppl don’t have time. Kitchen gadgets are an investment that can simply save time and energy. And help you get on to the mission…of eating!!

Keep control of your schedule. Creating time constraints and keeping to it creates pressure. And sometimes pressure is what some ppl need. If I need to do something by 9am, that means my workout, shower, and refueling needs to be done by 8:30. It means I need to be out of the bed by 7am. It means I need to be in bed at a reasonable time with my clothes laid out and workout plan created. This makes my morning routine flow. And with enough practice, creating a morning and bed time routine becomes second nature.

Habits create a lifestyle. How I eat, dress, organize, move, and create is second nature. It can be applied to anything that you want to be second nature as well.

Perfect Brussels Sprouts in the Air Fryer

Yummy 😋

I defrosted the frozen sprouts and drained excess liquids. Coated with olive oil and seasoned with Cajun seasoning and kosher salt. I cooked for 15 min at 360 degrees. Stirring a couple times for even roasting.

These are super easy and tasty.

Burn The Cape!!!

Discretionary income, time, and energy are a premium when you’re poor. So you have to be extra discerning with how you spend your limited resources. So giving money and time to places, ppl, and things outside of your home will only stress your home. And you will impact your health and waistline. So stop doing this. Burn the damn cape.



Enjoying The Park

My kids’ favorite spots have been closed down for most of this year. Womp womp. I’ve still tried to keep life fun for them. Yes, we gotta wear masks and go to the park when it is not full of ppl. But they haven’t noticed too much of a difference, I don’t think.

They are sooo energetic. And if they don’t have a place to play, they end up jumping all over me. Sigh