Healthy Habits as a Fit Mom

I have been a mom for 6 years and a wife for 7 years (in 2 days…12/17). How I operate as a mom and wife was built years before I met my husband. The healthy habits I built became sooo engrained, that they are literally as clutch as showering and brushing my teeth.

Before babies with my soon to be husband

Habit creation takes the thinking out of tasks. Each morning before I do yoga, I sweep the carpet where I’ll put my mat. Each morning before I make a cup of coffee, I wash dishes. I have to have order in my space before embarking on a task. Otherwise the clutter or chaos throws off my energy.

I set goals and have action plans. I aim to get 2 miles in a day on my treadmill. It doesn’t matter if it’s running or walking, nor does it matter if it’s in one session. I just have to get my 2 miles in. Wednesdays this month are for deadlifting and squatting. I am focused on this bc I want to get stronger in my runs, so I need to continue to strengthen these muscles. I also aim for 3 yoga sessions a week. Knowing my to-do list helps to shape the rest of my week.

About to get a run in

I set out my clothes (most times, but not every time), I keep my husband’s work schedule and our family schedule in the front of my brain, and I attempt to get most things done before my kids wake up. Yes, I can workout while the kids are awake, but their needs supersede mine, and I have to adjust for them. I typically know the workout I’ll do the night before. This way when I wake up it’s all about getting dressed, hydrating, and executing.

At this point in my life as a 40 year old mom and wife, my fitness goals are to be functional and healthy. I am not aiming for a particular size, weight, or 6 pack abs. I want to be able to fit into and look good in my current wardrobe, have the energy to chase and play with my kids, survive a zombie apocalypse, and be able to go to the bathroom alone when I’m old.

Cute pics of the kiddos

Having a firm grasp of my goals allows me to shape my programming. I don’t need to squat 150 lbs or workout for 2 hours a day to achieve this. I do not need to subsist on a strict diet without sweets or wine, I don’t count or restrict calories, I do NOT demonize food groups. I have wiggle room for my indulgences bc I know moderation and limits. What I do as a 40 yr old with kids is different than my life as a single, child free 30 yr old. And that’s the cool thing about this lifestyle, you make it work for YOU!! This is why comparative fitness should never be a thing. You should not be looking at someone else’s journey and using their milestones as your own. You can however take jewels and hints and create your own.

How I looked after hitting the pavement

For any goals, you need to visualize where you want to go. The goal needs to be concrete. For example, I wanted to reduce my 1 mile run time to 10 min. Before the winter broke, I was working on my glutes and hamstrings. And once I started back running outside, I clocked my one mile speed, and kept working on my speed. I incorporated sprints, intervals, and long runs each week. I had a goal of running at least 50 miles per month. All of these things were concrete goals. If I would have said, “I just wanna be healthy”, I could have just gotten out walking a few times a week and added push-ups. But since I had measurable milestones, I pressed until I hit them.

Goals require a destination, then a map. It’s a lot easier to create the game plan once you figure out where you’re going. Namaste 🙏🏾

Intention Will Get You Out The Bed

The game planning and setting of intentions for any goal is STEP 1 for crushing any goal. Yes, some exceptional person could just wake up and run a half marathon or decide to start CrossFit. But some of us have to actually game plan.

Today I woke up and ran 10 miles. But the foundation building started when my friend told me she ran 10 miles in a session every quarter. Ok. So that planted the seed. I had a 10k run since that point, then a 7 mile run on Thanksgiving. I knew that I could do it, I just needed to carve out the time.

So last night, I let the kiddos stay up late. My daughter is the one that is apt to throw a monkey wrench into things, so her sleeping in is key. Then I made sure to set out all my clothes, shoes, water, headphones, and keys. Being organized and knowing where all your stuff is helps you get out the house quicker. I also chose the run sessions I’d use. I use the Peloton app for all my runs. I knew that I’d need 2-1 hour sessions to finish 10 miles. And once I had all that done, I went to bed.

Waking up, getting dressed, and hitting the pavement didn’t require any thought bc I set everything up the night before. All that I had to do was execute!

The first half of my run I was able to sustain about 11 min miles. The second half of my run was considerably slower, but I finished. So I feel good.

Flow with Blocks

Here is how a set of cork blocks can help you. Downdog is a common pose. The downdog step thru is a common transition. If you are very tight and can’t quite reach the floor while standing up, blocks will bring the floor up to you.

I am showing downdog without blocks and with the different heights. The cork blocks are denser and offer more stability than the foam blocks.

Here’s a link to the cork blocks. They are sturdier than the foam ones.

Pick Up Some Weights!

I’m amazed in 2020, that we still have women thinking simply picking up some 5 lb weights will lead to a hard body. SPOILER ALERT 🚨: It doesn’t. Lol 😆 Having muscles, and strength training within a balanced workout regimen of cardio and balance or functional training, help create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

As we age, and most of y’all are in my age cohort, we lose muscle mass and definition. This is just a natural part of aging. So adding strength training to the mix is to slow that loss.

Muscles are important and not just for Flex Fridays. They are more metabolically active, meaning they burn more calories at rest than fat. They also are important as we age for the benefits of our bones and joints. Being stronger also helps in recovery if a person falls. This is true. The stronger and healthier you are, helps our healing processes.

I think sculpted bodies are hot and look amazing in jeans, but some ppl ain’t worried about that angle. Having muscles as you age help you use the bathroom alone, bring your own groceries in, and/or run from zombies if necessary.

Do not be scared to add weight training into your game plan. And pick up adult weights, not just 2-3 lbs.

Dehydrating Onions

Did you know that some fruits and veggies are 80-90% water? It is easy to say that, but it’s crazy to see it.

I have been dehydrating stuff. I just picked this activity up within the last month. I saw the amount of water the first time I made dehydrated onions, but I did not snap a photo. This time I did.

3 Onions shredded down
What the onions looked like after hand squeezing water
How much water came out…

I put the onions in my air fryer at the lowest setting for 20 min at a time for an hour. I stirred the onions every 20 min.