Dehydrating Onions

Did you know that some fruits and veggies are 80-90% water? It is easy to say that, but it’s crazy to see it.

I have been dehydrating stuff. I just picked this activity up within the last month. I saw the amount of water the first time I made dehydrated onions, but I did not snap a photo. This time I did.

3 Onions shredded down
What the onions looked like after hand squeezing water
How much water came out…

I put the onions in my air fryer at the lowest setting for 20 min at a time for an hour. I stirred the onions every 20 min.

Pandemic Boxes

There is a church near my husband’s job that gives out boxes with food. A pretty good mix of stuff too. I got busy soon as I got home with the boxes. First, I still had 3 green peppers in the fridge. I didn’t want them to go bad, so I dehydrated them and a couple from the box. After squishing out the water before putting them in the air fryer, I had more than a cup of liquid.

Then I made a juice. These greens were about to go bad, so I used some, plus apples, a big carrot, and some ginger for a green juice.

Then I made shredded carrots. That carrot was bigger than my daughter, Chrissy’s arm. Lol. That’s enough carrots for salads for a while.

I will attempt prep and store the rest of the stuff over the next few days. I don’t want stuff to go to waste.

Audiobook Reports

I just finished this book this morning on the treadmill. This book explains how we got this monster in the presidency. His dad was a monster and pitted his children against each other. He never cultivated empathy. Crushing ppl’s and spirit started with his own family, his brother, specifically. He never had to accept responsibility for his behaviors or failures. Being born a Trump saved him from failure and helped create the fake foundation he used to push him into the highest and most powerful position in the world.

Catch and Kill is great so far. Predators, powerful ones, have the money and connections to build a wall around themselves and to crush their victims. The ppl who aid and abet enable these predators and help to devastate women. They all deserve to be outed.

Air Fryer Salmon

This salmon was fresh and thawed. I put down a piece of foil for easy clean up. And since it was a thick piece of fish, I cooked it for 30 min at 350. Season how you wish.

Sometimes i use a marinade, sometimes not. It’s always juicy.

If the fish is thin, it’s 15-20 min.

I added some fresh pineapple salsa

Then I put it over some rice that took me 5 min in my instapot

Yoga as a Practice…

Yoga for me, started out as a way to balance out my running and strength training. I used it instead of stretching and found so much enjoyment in the breath and movements. As I’ve delved deeper into my practice, seeing my body’s current limitations, and pushing past them, I’m amazed at my growth.

One thing that you learn as you practice, where you are now, is not where you need to stay. Growth is inevitable with practice, you just have to thank your body for its support and see where you can go.

Humble Warrior

Yoga is the connection of breath and movement and getting deeper into creates a bigger umbrella for breath and movement. You can literally become more mindful as you brush your teeth, engage with nature, do squats. Your yoga off the mat is in anything and everything.

Yoga is NOT just about movement and poses and flexibility. It is much bigger than that. And in this time of uncertainty and the craziness of 2020, learning how to breathe through situations and respond mindfully is clutch. Namaste 🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♀️