5 Tips for Being an Unbothered Mama

Back in the day, early in mommyhood, I would wake up early, clean up real good, just to watch my child destroy everything in 5 min. I did this everyday, even once I had 2 kids who managed to tear up the place, I would make sure the house was clean before leaving to do anything for the day.

One summer day, I just said, forget this. The cleaning can wait and took the kids to the park. Life was perfectly fine even though I left the apartment a bit messy. And we enjoyed the day.

That was my Aha moment in becoming Unbothered. The house cleaning can wait. It’ll be there. You do not always have to stress over the cleaning. This is not to say that you should allow your place to look like you’ve given up. I’m just saying that washed dishes and a clean toilet is enough of a pass to get going for the day.

My second tip. Find a room or space to just give the kids and don’t worry about the mess. My kids have taken over our front room. They have the big tv. That is where their toys and supplies are. I seriously don’t care. I grab the dishes each day and pick up a bit, but I’ve released the stress of caring about toys. The key is to make sure that they don’t start encroaching on the other spaces.

My 3rd tip, I don’t holler about spills or accidents. Kids make messes. This is life. What I have done since they were small is say, “it’s ok. It was an accident. Let’s just clean it up together.” What this has taught my kids is that small things can be overcome and they come to me when something happens vs hiding their mistakes. I’m teaching my kiddos that they can trust me with mistakes or accidents. I want them to know they can always come to me.

My 4th tip. Find an hour for yourself, by yourself each day. It might be before the kids wake up, it might when they go to bed, but find some time. Mommyhood requires sooo much of you. You have to find a way to pour into yourself. This isn’t an escape, this is to recharge. I use my time to workout. When it’s nice outside I go for a run. I commune with nature as meditation. When it’s cold, I exercise inside doing strength training, yoga, and treadmill work.

My 5th tip. I buy things for myself without feeling guilty. We are a 1 income family on a budget. I still find small ways to give myself treats. I might buy a lipgloss or some chocolate or some running shoes. I like having cute workout clothes and will treat myself with a bright shirt or tank. We ALWAYS take care of the kids. Remember that you, mama, are worthy as well!!

  • The house cleaning can wait.
  • Give the kids a space and don’t stress over messes.
  • Don’t holler about spills or accidents.
  • Find an hour for yourself.
  • Buy yourself a treat or nice things periodically.

My Funny Food “Fail”

I am so fortunate to have a life where I can leisurely scroll social media, see a recipe or meal I wanna try, and have the opportunity to grab and make the recipe.

I saw a post in my air fryer group for 2 ingredient bagel. Mind blown 🤯. I told my husband that this would be a game changer if I could make this happen, and taste good. I grabbed the 2 ingredients: Greek yogurt and self rising flour. I also grabbed some cinnamon sugar. Ok. I’m set to change the trajectory of my life.

The dough

The dough is 1 cup Greek yogurt and 1 cup self rising flour. Keep some flour to help with sticky fingers. And it does get sticky.

I was supposed to be making rolls and squishing them together to look like a bagel.

You’re supposed to beat an egg and brush it on the dough. Then sprinkle whatever seasoning on it that ya want. The rack thing was not in the instructions. Don’t use that. Use parchment paper instead. This was a mess. 😂

It’s going in!

The instructions say bake in your air fryer 15-20 min at 350 degrees or for a more doughy bagel 370 degrees for 10-15 min.

I mean, it looks kinda ok
The back needed a bit more time due to that rack

I will say this. After slathering them with cream cheese, they tasted ok. I give myself a C. The kids ate each bite and asked for more. My next attempt will be much better!

How Prepping in Advance is Clutch

Aight. So I will admit it, I am a huge fan of my kitchen gadgets. I use my air fryer DAILY and my instapot several times a week. I am a SAHM and while some ppl think we just sit around watching tv and eating Taco Bell, that surely ain’t my life! I am BUSY. I workout daily, juggle kids, and support my husband. I cook and clean daily, but with this lifestyle, I have to make things quickly.

I learned a few weeks back that you can dehydrate your herbs and veggies in the air fryer. Life changing, y’all!! You can have fresh stuff that you know exactly what’s in it bc YOU MADE IT!! And making this stuff in advance makes your life easier.

Here’s some dried cilantro, onion, parsley, and mint!

It is pretty easy to make your dried herbs. Wash, dry the excess water, like really try to them them off, pluck the leaves, and pop them into your air fryer. For my parsley, I set the timer for 5 minutes at 350 shaking after 2 minutes. You gotta make sure they dry out evenly and not burn. After the leaves are sufficiently dry, they crunch up easily for you to add to a container or jar.

Fresh parsley
Dried parsley
Ready to cook with parsley

I made some tabouli from scratch on a weeknight. I used dried garbanzo beans made in my instapot for 45, some quinoa, and fresh veggies that I chopped while the beans and quinoa cooked. I used my dried onions in the garbanzo beans. I use dried onions in a lot my cooking to save time with not chopping. (This reminds me, I need to make some more. I’ll make a post about drying onions next time. It’s a bit more involved than the onions.)

Tabouli usually uses bulgar wheat, but I used quinoa. The fresh veggies are hothouse cucumbers, tomatoes, and fresh mint. Here is where I used my dried parsley. I dressed it with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. This salad is DELICIOUS 🤤!! The mint and parsley punch it up.

Having this stuff prepped and easily accessible makes my cooking ventures so much easier.

Super yummy

Create Your 2021 Game Plan NOW

In the upcoming month, health, fitness, and weight loss gonna dominate discussions. Recognize that your goals are yours alone. Don’t compare yourself, your body, your journey to anyone else’s bc you don’t know their situation. So start with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish this year?

Once you get to the point of balance with sleep, healthy eating, exercise, healthy relationships, and healthy mentally, you can literally attack anything in life.

I’ll give y’all my game plan. Ima SAHM with 2 young kids. It is cold here, there’s not much open as far as outlets for any of us, so my game plan has to be rooted in this reality. I want to keep the stress down, stay on my fitness schedule, keep my home straightened enough to where it seems like I love my family, and stay on top of my writing/work goals.

It isn’t a realistic goal to think ima be able to workout, deep clean each room daily, pay attention to my kids, listen to my audiobooks, and binge the latest shows. So as far as my cleaning schedule, I decided to focus on one main room a day whilst still tidying up. This is like a “dusting, move some furniture around, wipe down the walls” type of day.

My fitness goals for the next 3 months will be focused on getting stronger before the run season starts, working on my pull-ups just in case I ever need to pull myself out of a hole or scale a building, and improving my yoga practice.

I LOVE to-do lists!! And I love this journal bc there are cuss words. Lol. This upcoming year will be just as productive as 2020 was for me. I killed this year. I’ll do the same next year. https://amzn.to/3mRq3YI


My Journey to Fit at 40

I just wanted to share some of my journey over the last 1.5 years. I sympathize with the weight gain that comes from a change in hormones and life circumstances. After stopping breastfeeding, moving, and life I gained 25 lbs in one year. I am totally sure that some of that weight came from unbalanced hormones. I have always been active, even when I was fluffier. I was also PROBABLY eating more than I should have.

I took control by adding intermittent fasting to my life. The IF, plus running, plus strength training, helped sculpt my body. I just added yoga this year.

I am 40 yrs old. I had kids at 33 and 36. My last child being via C-section. I breastfed both kids for 2 years. So I totally get the struggle, the sleep deprivation, and juggling needy humans. I’m showing the pics bc I know what’s possible with consistent effort. Even when the results aren’t immediate.