I was that THICK CHICK!!

I was that “THICK” chick that just knew that I was the hottest thing going. I said the things like, “men love it”, “I’m the average size”, & “I like my curves.” I honestly didn’t realize that I was THAT big. I worked out pretty regularly, but I used that to justify my eating habits.Continue reading “I was that THICK CHICK!!”

30 Day Vegan Challenge Results!!

I became a vegan a few months ago and could IMMEDIATELY see changes in my body. I was a pretty healthy eater in my opinion, but this dietary change took my body to another level. I have been proclaiming benefits of my diet to people, but many times I get reactions of: “Yeah right!” or “IContinue reading “30 Day Vegan Challenge Results!!”

You Want to Actually Start Shedding Some Fat? EAT!!! Part 2

Ok, so in Part 1 of the story, we meet Jane who is living in the typical weight gaining cycle. (1-2 big meals, skipping breakfast, not enough sleep…perfect recipe for weight gain.) She has no energy and she has finally come to a point where she is ready to change something. So how does she getContinue reading “You Want to Actually Start Shedding Some Fat? EAT!!! Part 2”

My Vegan Competition Journey: A Few Hours From Being On Stage!

My experience this year has been completely different than last year…like night and day. Obviously there is a learning curve that you get from the first show. Then there was my complete overhaul of my diet. Obviously people should know that I am vegan by the title of this journey alone, but I have notContinue reading “My Vegan Competition Journey: A Few Hours From Being On Stage!”

Featured FitChick: Eve Evans

I am going to take a moment and brag on one of my clients. She started working out with me when she was 63! She was determined to NOT get old like many of the people her biological age (because she definitely doesn’t act like a 60+ year old!) She is NOT sitting around gettingContinue reading “Featured FitChick: Eve Evans”