I’m on this journey with you…

I was fired from my previous job June 28th, 2010. I cannot tell you how much my life improved once I was forced out of my comfort zone.  Complacency, comfort, content…these are all dream killers. They don’t allow you to reach your true potential. My previous job had me stressed, my spirit was being snuffed out, andContinue reading “I’m on this journey with you…”

Time Management

    “I just don’t have the time!” “I work long hours.” “My kids are busy with different activities.” You only get one body. And regardless of what  is currently keeping you busy, that will all come to a screeching halt if your body breaks down. If your kids are the reason you don’t exercise,Continue reading “Time Management”

Progress…8 weeks out

My very first figure competition is fast approaching. I have about 8 weeks to get my body into tip-top shape, because the swimsuit that I have to wear is NOT forgiving at all. My life right now consists of: eating, working out, training, cooking, and sleeping, (not necessarily in that order.) Right now I am doingContinue reading “Progress…8 weeks out”