Do Your Actions Reflect Your Goals?

A few weeks ago, I was eating in the break room at my job. (I am a personal trainer at a gym.) And to be completely honest, though we are in a fitness environment,  not everybody eats the healthiest.  Actually I have seen some pretty questionable food choices, but typically I keep my focus onContinue reading “Do Your Actions Reflect Your Goals?”

My Vegan Competition Journey: THE END!

It took me a full week to sift through all the emotions that go along with competing before I could write this post. If you have ever competed (in anything), you know that this stuff can be EXTREMELY stressful. You train for months and months, just for 3 minutes in the lime light…just to have judgesContinue reading “My Vegan Competition Journey: THE END!”

My Vegan Competition Journey: A Few Hours From Being On Stage!

My experience this year has been completely different than last year…like night and day. Obviously there is a learning curve that you get from the first show. Then there was my complete overhaul of my diet. Obviously people should know that I am vegan by the title of this journey alone, but I have notContinue reading “My Vegan Competition Journey: A Few Hours From Being On Stage!”

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! CROSS TRAIN!

If you go to the gym regularly, you will see some of the same people in the same area of the gym probably exact same workout. The bodybuilder will be hitting the weights, probably throwing them around, and undoubtedly making loud noises. The runners will be in a zone on their favorite treadmill or trail. TheContinue reading “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone! CROSS TRAIN!”

My Vegan Competition Journey: 6 Weeks Out

My mentor was talking to me during our last conversation about animals in nature. He was talking about “survival of the fittest.” (And many of us know this, but ima re-iterate.) Basically in nature, you have to fight to survive. There are always predators out there looking for the weak link, which will translate intoContinue reading “My Vegan Competition Journey: 6 Weeks Out”