7 Tips for Beginning and Sticking to a Healthier Diet

There is a good chance that you, or someone you know, has been on (and fallen off) some diet plan. Many times, people start a plan with excitement, and see that the diet isn’t sustainable in the long term, or they revert back after they hit their short term goals. So what do you do?Continue reading “7 Tips for Beginning and Sticking to a Healthier Diet”

Do Your Actions Reflect Your Goals?

A few weeks ago, I was eating in the break room at my job. (I am a personal trainer at a gym.) And to be completely honest, though we are in a fitness environment,  not everybody eats the healthiest.  Actually I have seen some pretty questionable food choices, but typically I keep my focus onContinue reading “Do Your Actions Reflect Your Goals?”

I was that THICK CHICK!!

I was that “THICK” chick that just knew that I was the hottest thing going. I said the things like, “men love it”, “I’m the average size”, & “I like my curves.” I honestly didn’t realize that I was THAT big. I worked out pretty regularly, but I used that to justify my eating habits.Continue reading “I was that THICK CHICK!!”