Get Into Action Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, Monique and I post a meal plan and exercise routine to help you get excited about embracing a vegan lifestyle. Meal Plan Breakfast: Donut holes & smoothie of choice Lunch: Beans, Greens & Rice from Vegan Cooking with Love Dinner: Lemon Angel Hair Pasta with White Beans & Basil from Vegan Cooking With LoveContinue reading “Get Into Action Wednesdays”

I was that THICK CHICK!!

I was that “THICK” chick that just knew that I was the hottest thing going. I said the things like, “men love it”, “I’m the average size”, & “I like my curves.” I honestly didn’t realize that I was THAT big. I worked out pretty regularly, but I used that to justify my eating habits.Continue reading “I was that THICK CHICK!!”