Reflecting on the Newborn Stage. Whew… 😅

The sleep deprivation that comes along with new babies changes your brain. It changes your life early on. You go into survival mode for a while. Add on breastfeeding, cluster nursing, and small ppl who can’t differentiate their cries, you can easily unravel. Nothing really prepares you for the obstacle course that is navigating mommyhoodContinue reading “Reflecting on the Newborn Stage. Whew… 😅”

Tina Turner’s “Happiness Becomes You”

I just finished the Tina Turner book. Highly recommend. 5 Stars. I borrowed it to read, but will totally be purchasing this book. This has the type of wisdom you wanna revisit yearly. Buy or borrow this. I definitely suggest getting your own copy so you can highlight things. She said for the first 25Continue reading “Tina Turner’s “Happiness Becomes You””

Limiting Beliefs and Where They Came From

I want to explore the concept of limiting beliefs. Some of, ok, many of our beliefs come from our parents, teachers, and religious institutions very early. And these early beliefs are strong and foundational bc they come from such strong influences with a higher position of power over us. We could either be put intoContinue reading “Limiting Beliefs and Where They Came From”

Let’s Continue Crushing This Year!!

We made it to February. Woohoo 🙌!!! And it is the beginning of the month. This is your chance to look back at what you accomplished last month, where you fell short, and what you’d like to smash this month. I will tell you, honest self reflection is a challenge. You have to sit withContinue reading “Let’s Continue Crushing This Year!!”