About Fire Fitness

Melt Fat, Build Muscle, to Achieve that HOT Body!

I am passionate about my health and healthy living. I am a personal trainer and I accidentally fell into this profession. But I am so glad that I did. I was able to change my body, and I want to give the same gift to others.

The body is a marvelous machine. And with the right fuel and maintenance, this machine will produce optimal results. The main goal of Fire Fitness is to teach clients how to rev up that metabolism to become a fat burning machine. Clients are taught the proper formula of strength training, cardio, and diet.

4 thoughts on “About Fire Fitness

  1. You’re such an inspiration. I love the fact that you are so healthy and a vegan. I’ve just started into vegetarianism and moving to vegan after 90 days. It’s definitely the best conscious move to make. I am reading Sister Vegan by A. Breeze Harper, and it’s an eye opener! Thank you for your inspiration. Follow me on twitter @AlwaysAspiring and my blog, savvypolitico.wordpress.com!! Keep up the inspiration!

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