Some Book Recommendations

I am a black woman, wife, and mom. I am into fitness, history, politics, and current events. Many of my book selections stem from these categories and some are suggestions or random choices. Here are a few of my recent book choices…(this post has affiliate links)

1. “Bag Man” by Rachel Maddow. This book was engaging, full of history that I was not remotely aware of, and filled in some of the pieces of history that I had some knowledge of. I like Rachel’s voice and her approach to the topic. She’s thorough and uses newspapers and interviews well.

2. “Jane Against the World” by Karen Blumenthal was a great history lesson of birth control, abortion, and how these two things have transformed women’s lives, freedoms, and rights in this country. Man!! The amount of control that men wielded over women legally, medically, and financially was a bit much to absorb. But the changes that have come about have been monumental.

3. “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes was AMAZING! Her voice is great. And she’s very transparent about the obstacles of motherhood, being a black woman, juggling a career, and finding her footing with fitness. This is a great book.

4. “Medical Apartheid” by Harriet A. Washington. Woowee, this was a deep, hard, and heavy read. The history of racism in the medical field is vile, violent, and inhumane. And what we’ve endured here as black ppl at the hands of racist white ppl cannot be sugar coated. The things I read…horrifying. This book is necessary, but hard to get thru. That’s a warning.

5.-6. “American Royals” and “Majesty” by Katharine McGee. Sometimes my readings get wayyyy too heavy. Lol. So this was a random pick made to lighten my spirits. It’s told from a fake perspective of IF America had a royal family. It has a good balance of drama, entertainment, and a good story line. and

7. “The Secret Lives of Church Ladies” by Deesha Philyaw is a compilation of short stories and entertaining. What goes on in some ppl’s minds, homes, and relationships might cause the Church Mothers to clutch their pearls. This is a good book to entertain yourself with. And if you were raised in the black church, I def recommend it.

8. “Hood Feminism” by Mikki Kendall is a wonderful book that highlights issues that get swept under the rug. White women feminism is and was necessary, but it was still marred by racism and tone deafness where it came to poor ppl and ppl with disabilities. This book is vital to continuing the conversation and making further strides for equity.

9. “Such a Fun Age” by Kiley Reid is an entertaining coming of age story of a young black woman who finds herself employed by a wealthy white family. I liked this book, the pace of the story, and themes.

10. “Kill Switch” by Adam Jentleson. This was a wonderful history lesson regarding politics, the filibuster, how it’s been used to further racism, and how it’s used now. This is a great book that gives a foundation to racism of yesteryear playing a role currently.

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I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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