What Type of Parent are You?

There are all types of parents that range from Helicopter parents to Free range parents to absolutely neglectful parents. They are ranges and levels and mixtures to all of these. And I know that experts have identified and created many labels for the different parenting styles. I appreciate being able to cultivate and tailor my parenting style for both of my kids personalities.

Being a stay at home mom creates opportunities to fill the days with WHATEVER. Literally there are no boundaries. This type of freedom can be a double edged sword in that there are no checks, balances, or any one watching and dictating what you should be doing. Some ppl work best with directions and lists. Some ppl work best with the flow. I think I fall somewhere in between.

Before I became a mom, I just KNEW there were gonna be things we did together. I thought that the kids would sleep in their beds and actually take naps. I thought they’d love homemade foods. I just knew we’d go to coffee shops and I’d read while my littles napped. (Insert hearty laughter 😂😂😂) Yeah, no. Lol.

I am soooo glad that I had my kids in my 30’s and that I was in good mental and physical health. Why? Bc they are so active and inquisitive and I have the energy and patience to spare. They are both so different. And in being home with them, it’s given me the opportunity to allow them to mostly dictate their own path and “likes”. They are literal sponges, and I see a lot of me in my children. But they are still very much individuals and I love it.

The controlling parent tends to be strict about their beliefs and daily schedules. There are consequences for bucking the system, talking back (aka attempting to have an opinion), and/or slacking on the rite activities. These types may seem overbearing and can have issues with their kids on the back end once the kid leaves.

The helicopter parents create a different problem in that they hoover and just do things for their kids. They don’t let them fail, they clean up their messes, and it creates humans that may not be equipped to solve problems. These parents will fill out paperwork and call teachers to “fix” grades. They look at issues as problems outside of their households to fix vs teaching kids to adjust. This COULD create dependency issues later in life.

The free range parent kinda just lets the kid go. I won’t go so far to say neglect the kid, but depending on where you live and how the house ends up looking “neglectful” could be appropriate. Setting the kid up with the basics of survival and letting them do their own thing COULD help some kids develop into the humans they wanna be, but it could also send humans into the world with absolutely NO structure.

I don’t really have a label for my style of parenting. Mine is definitely a shade of gray on the parenting scale. I like to think of myself as a steward of their safety, but I slow them to take the lead on some things. My kids are YOUNG. So that means that my approach is early and obviously subject to change. I give myself that grace that I can change as necessary bc my kids will change as well.

Anywho, what is your parenting style and if you don’t have kids, what parenting styles did your parents have? What styles have you observed thru friends, family, and the outside world?

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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