30 Day Vegan Challenge Results!!

I became a vegan a few months ago and could IMMEDIATELY see changes in my body. I was a pretty healthy eater in my opinion, but this dietary change took my body to another level. I have been proclaiming benefits of my diet to people, but many times I get reactions of: “Yeah right!” or “I could never do anything like that.” or “I would be so limited in what I can eat.” After seeing my many posting on being vegan on Facebook, a friend said that I should help a few people try veganism….and so my 30 Day Vegan Challenge was born. I took a few random non-vegan friends, asked them to committ to 30 days of veganism (WITH SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE), and report their results. I KNEW beyond a shadow of doubt that they would have positive changes and a positive outlook on the experience, but I waited to hear it from them. Here are a few testimonies from the challengers…

“I’ve wanted to transition to vegetarian for ages, but despite the small steps I made toward that, I was too lazy or afraid to make that final crossover. Taking this challenge was like getting slingshot across LOL! My body responded too! Getting more fruit & veggies back in my diet, smoothies (that I make) in the morning, the great meals for dinner, almond milk…all these different things! My body definitely responded & I’ve lost 10 lbs & gone down 3 waist sizes. I feel energized inside like I haven’t felt in I dont know how long…I feel “lighter” too. The feeling & weight loss was a HUGE confidence booster for me. Even the little pooch that I had developed has shrank down & I’m not afraid to show my belly anymore. ^_^”- Sydney S.

“I will say this. I am an extremely emotional eater. Food feels sooooo GOOD!! But this doggone vegan CHALLENGE was just that. The reason why I never committed to complete vegetarianism or veganism is because of my moods. I am proud to say that for 30 days I did not knowingly eat any animal products! I try to avoid processed foods so the majority of my diet consisted of raw fruits and veggies. I feel so good and I am so proud of myself! I lost almost 10 lbs and 2 inches! This is definitely the type of cleanse I needed!”- Ameerah P.

“Since this challenge and two books (the Food Revolution and Food Matters) later, I am now 10 pounds lighter and I am on a mission. I’ve started juicing my veggies (I’m looking for recipes that I can use the pulp in) and consuming more whole grains. This challenge has peaked my curiosity in good food, I’m no longer afraid to try new things.

Testimony time…Sunday I went to the BGLH Meetup/Swap I bought in 2 dresses size 10 and was able to leave with a size 8 in exchange, got home and slipped them on they fit. 🙂 Now my next step is to reach my goal weight of 125 and wear a size 6 ♥… I’m obsessed with beans and greens, lol”- Kenyatta J.

“Over the time of the challnge, I chose not to exercise and challenge your telling me a healthy body starts in the kitchen. So with all my efforts haulted, with the exception of healthy eating, I lost a total of 6 inches between my legs, hips, waist, and arms…and almost 10 lbs. I plan on sticking with this, but ocassionally adding baked seafood just to satify my desire for meat. The biggest challenge is managing properly no to gain the weight back. This is my main concern. At this point, it took me a month to do what has in the past taken much longer.”- Camisha C-W.

I am an accountabilty coach and I create livable meal plans for people…and you will see positive and healthy results! Prices will change in July!! Find service descriptions and prices here…https://firefitnesscoach.wordpress.com/diet-and-nutrition/. Or email me at firefitnesscoach@gmail.com

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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