My Vegan Competition Journey: THE END!

It took me a full week to sift through all the emotions that go along with competing before I could write this post. If you have ever competed (in anything), you know that this stuff can be EXTREMELY stressful. You train for months and months, just for 3 minutes in the lime light…just to have judges reduce all your hardwork down to simple numbers and rankings. It can be stressful IF the judging doesn’t go your way. It can also be stressful once it ends and you are forced to figure out your next “thing” to do…my friend calls it “post traumatic competition syndrome.” And I can understand how many men and women may go through this. For so long you have been training for something, and then BAM!, it ends! Now what?

Well, I only planned on doing this one show this year. And my original gameplan going in to this thing was to show that you could compete without eating the typical “bodybuilder diet.” I think I did well with hitting my main goals. I did also want to do well against the competition. Who goes into anything to “just show up”? I know I don’t. Top 5 would have been awesome, but alas, I didn’t get that coveted call back up to the stage. 😦 Oh well, I looked good…(in my opinion.)

I left the show happy with the product that I put up on the stage. I crushed my last year’s body and my changes from the beginning of the year, up to the show were very apparent. It wasn’t until I got the show scores that my good mood completely plummeted to basement level. Out of the 10 girls that were in the Figure Open Short Class, I ranked number 10…I came in dead last! Really!? Weeks and weeks of dieting, training, cardio, and sacrifice and I come in LAST! Well, everyone said that I had the biggest legs on the stage and more than a few people have said that I need to be a bodybuilder (because of my build), but I just knew my total package should have placed me higher…I was wrong. I was kinda depressed for the next few hours, but I then got over it. I had to be reminded of everything that I did accomplish and that really helped pull me back to the sunny side of things. All of the kind words and support from my friends, families, and virtual buddies really helped me too. And I was able to avoid staying in the depression that I know that many people can go through.

At this point, I have to figure out if I want to stay a figure competitor or change divisions. And now I am just going on to my next endeavor…marathon training. I have already paid for my registration for the run I will do. So now I guess I will be blogging about my Vegan Marathon Journey. 🙂

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

8 thoughts on “My Vegan Competition Journey: THE END!

  1. You looked beautiful! I am so proud of you- as a fellow vegan AND natural hair supporter, you have achieved so much in this sport. You were one of the main people who inspired me to compete this summer in my first figure competition. So thank you- you won in my eyes!

  2. I love the movie the Great Debators. Here is why: There is no competition and G*D is the JUDGE! You presented your body in it’s new package. You are VEGAN BUILT PLANT POWERED remember that one. Non of your competitors can hold that title.

  3. You look fab and what matters is that you have awoken more people to a diet that does not kill animals. To spread compassion for the planet, for health, for the animals wins any competition in my book. I have been vegan for decades and you even got me to look AND to share 🙂 ❤

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