Featured Fit Chick: Angel M. Elliott

It should be evident that obesity rates and health related issues running rampant in our country. (Nearly 70% of adults are overweight or obese and 47% of children (ages 2-19) are overwieght or obese.) But there are many people who are bucking this trend. I hear the many reasons/excuses why people can’t get to the gym (family obligations, work, time, etc), so I decided to highlight people that are focusing on their health in spite of all of that. SO INTRODUCING….

Angel M. Elliott

When did you fall in love with health and fitness? When I was a little girl my mother exercised and wore saran wrap to maintain her figure for years (picture that).  I loved physical education as a kid/teenager and participated in every aspect.  As a young adult I studied Ti Chi religiously.  I relocated to Chicago in 2003.  Upon my settling in and embracing a new state, I met the most amazing and inspiring women at work.  She is a “few” years my senior (she is going to kill me LOL).  However, you would have NEVER known it from her physical and spiritual appearance.  I mean this lady looks AWESOME.  I introduced myself to her.  One day I found out the she loved to go to the health club.  Low and behold she was a fitness instructor.  I ended up going to the health club with her and took her class.  Soon after I joined the same facility and shortly after that I become a personal trainer and a spin instructor.  Since meeting Myrna, she inspired all types of fitness warrior workout training.   My fitness circle grew tremendously.  In 2004 I went to see my first bodybuilding figure show and was HOOKED.  Do  you hear me.  HOOKED!  I said to myself I can do that.  LOL I hired a trainer and started my prep work and at the tender age 40 I entered my first show.  I placed 5 of the top 5. 

How has health and fitness changed your life? My energy is through the ROOF.  The challenges that come along with fitness is endless.  Once you accomplish one goal here comes another.  The health aspect is the bonus and I’m reaping the benefits.

How are you able to balance your personal responsibilities (kids, spouse, other family obligations, work, hobbies, etc)? My daughter is an adult.  However, she has her own grueling stories about how I would make running the stairs and the Jersey Shore a daily part of our lives, like brushing our teeth.

How do you fit in workouts when your time is limited? I take advantage of stairwells.  I will walk the stairs run them or do lunges or squats on them.  You can use ANYTHING to get a workout in.

What was the biggest life adjustment on this journey?  I did not have a big adjustment.  I have always loved fitness.

What is your favorite workout move? I love working back and chest.  I have developed and great appreciation for leg workouts though.  HMMM tough question.

What is your favorite clean meal? Clean treat? (Please share a recipe) I love Wholefoods vegan pizza.  LOL Me and another friend took veggie sushi and vegan pizza to our girlfriend’s house for ‘girls night’.  Our friend was hostile.  Hahahahahaha  I love that pizza. 

Can you offer any advice to other busy women on how to get started down a healthier path?  I love the health club!  I really believe that taking advantage of ALL of its features (steam room, sauna, pool, classes, free weights and cardio equipment) enhance a more youthful person. So start dancing in the fountain of youth!  I would also say do not be intimidated by all the machines.  If you are, walk right past them into a class and become familiar with a controlled setting first.  Second I would say ENJOY it.  Have fun. 

What are your future goals? To obtain my bikini pro card.  I want it and I am going to get it.  :o)

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

5 thoughts on “Featured Fit Chick: Angel M. Elliott

  1. I just bought a unbaked Whole Foods vegan pizza today and added a few more of my favorite veggies and baked it at home this time . I freeze the slices seperately and have pizza on hand for weeks! you are inspiring!!

  2. Angel really cares about the people she trains. She truly wants the best for them, to be healthier and more fit. Those of you who can train with her in Chicago are fortunate. Even from a distance, she inspires me.

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