WWLE? (What Would LaQuesha Eat?)



As a trainer, I often discuss nutrition with my clients. I truly want them to see results and hit their health goals. And I know first hand that the food portion is the most critical part of any weight loss goals. Sometimes my clients heed my advice, sometimes they don’t. But I know that I am doing my part to plant a seed. I get so excited when they start seeing results and they run back and talk to me about their diets and what they have changed. And even cooler…when my clients’ healthy diets start rubbing off on their loved ones.

I know that I cannot personally train everyone, (not everyone lives near me), but I can virtually help out with a diet or accountability coaching. Sometimes people just need a little direction or at least a jump start…and I can provide that. I have come a long way in my food knowledge (through personal experience and research) and I can impart some of that knowledge to you. I can create a basic diet outline (based on your needs, lifestyle, and likes/dislikes.) Or I can assist with ongoing meal planning through my accountability coaching. Here are a few testimonies:

  • “A friend of mine, LaQuesha, developed any easy way for me to change my eating habits by cutting out the crap food and drinks. It has worked wonders, I have lost 9 pounds and I don’t crave crappy food at all.” – Tracey W.
  • “As LaQuesha always stressed, the key to getting fit is the food you eat. I myself have been vegetarian for some time now but I continued to gain weight.  Why? Simple, just because you’re a vegetarian that doesn’t mean you’re eating right. I was eating vegetable fried rice, potatoes, black bean corn chips and countless other foods but no meat. Why was I still gaining? I wasn’t eating right is why, you can exercise like crazy but until I got control of my diet I didn’t start to trim down. You have to control your diet. A trainer can put you through the ropes, but only you can put the right foods in your mouth. Thanks for stressing that LaQuesha it’s made a big difference for me.” – Jevon C.
  • “FireFitCoach’s food advice initially helped me lose 8 pounds with minimal effort. I added vegetables to meals and that helped stay full longer. I replaced chips/snacks with spinach and carrots. I also added spinach to my breakfast and to smoothies. The food advice has shown me that if I change my habits I will see a change in my health and weight. Seeing the change increases my motivation to continue with good eating habits.”-Shani R.
    Vegan Stuffed PeppersSauteed mushrooms and asparagus
    Mushroom sammiches (for my boyfriend..no sandwiches for me)


I can help create diets with meat or without. But since I am vegan and know the benefits of fruits and veggies, I do focus more on plant-based diets. Please email me if you are interested in a dietary change: firefitnesscoach@gmail.com


Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

3 thoughts on “WWLE? (What Would LaQuesha Eat?)

  1. I really like this page! I recently started following your page on facebook and like that too. I love health and fitness information.

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