If You Can Read, YOU CAN COOK!!

A couple of excuses I hear from people for why they are not healthy or why they can’t lose weight:

  1. They don’t know how to cook. 
  2. They don’t have time to cook.
  3. They don’t know what to cook.

Well all of those issues can be resolved just by grabbing a cookbook! There are so many cookbooks available and many have pictures! I personally have cookbooks on clean eating, 5 ingredients meals, raw vegan cooking, vegan cooking for detoxing, vegan cooking for athletes, an everyday cookbook, a vegetarian cookbook. I have also seen slow cooker cookbooks, diabetic meals, 30 minute meals, healthy desserts. I don’t know how much simpler it could be. Well outside of the fact that there are also youtube clips for healthy eating also. The only way things could get easier was if a chef came to your house and prepared all of your meals. Now honestly that sounds HEAVENLY, but not financially feasible for many of us. So until you can afford a personal chef, get to cooking!

An easy “cheesy” vegan quesadilla meal (1 serving):
1 whole wheat tortillas
Red roasted pepper hummus
Black beans

Add the hummus to one half the tortilla and black beans to the other side. Fold it in half and warm in a skillet until tortilla is cooked and hummus is hot. Cut the quesadilla into quarters. Enjoy with salsa, guacamole, and a side salad. This literally takes less than 10 minutes!

What are some of your favorite easy meals?

(So I know my picture isn’t that exciting, but I am NOT a visual artist YET! Gimme a break…but try the recipe. It is GOOD!)

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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