A Lesson in Probiotics

I don’t have health insurance, but I do go to the chiropractor (who is a natural doctor.) So when I am not feeling well, even if it isn’t back or spinal cord related, I text/call him for advice. He was always telling me to get probiotics, no matter my ailment, and I really didn’t understand why. But he told me that 80% of my immune system lived in my gut, so that is what I was trying to strengthen or make better. Even though I didn’t know the exact reasoning behind his advice, I always followed it. Now I know why..

Just a little belly lesson:
We have 3 kinds of bacteria that live in our gut: good/friendly bacteria, neutral bacteria, and harmful bacteria. We have approximately 100 trillion bacteria in our intestinal tract! More than 10 times the amount of cells in our whole body! And you want the majority of your bacteria to be the good bacteria which is the driver of your immune system. The gut is first line of defense for good health. You want to create a balance in your stomach that allows the good bacteria to flourish and the bad bacteria to be minimized. Now most of us hear the word bacteria and think it is something negative. We want to sterilize everything. But reducing all bacterias, (including the good), leaves you susceptible to viruses and the bad bacterias that try to invade your body. The good bacteria fights off the invaders.

Probiotics literally translates into “for life” & antibiotics means “against life.” The CDC has stated that over 50% of antibiotics prescribed are unneccessary. And even if you have not been prescribed drugs or antibiotics, most of us are ingesting them everyday through our water and food supply. These antibiotics are killing the good bacteria and making our bodies less able to fight off disease and other invaders. Ingesting probiotics helps to balance out the good bacteria and strengthen your body’s line of defense. I know it is always our first inclination to run to the doctor to get some drugs whenever something is awry in our body. But I am learning through our lifestyle choices such as food, exercise, and supplements, we can turn around most of what ails us.

How our diet plays a real factor in our immune system: Did you know that 70% of the antibiotics prescribed go to livestock? Livestock raised in the US live in such deplorable and dirty conditions that they need antibiotics just to stay alive. Factory farmers actually put the drugs into the feed. So as we ingest meat and animal products, we are also ingesting drugs and the little nasty critters that they may have caught. (Shiver at the thought.) Now once the meat or animal products are ingested, the body uses acid to break it down for digesting. This acidic environment can create havoc in the gut, allowing bad bacteria to thrive while killing the good bacteria. Oh and what if the foods don’t agree with you…most people will take an antacid. Do you realize that this is cutting off the stomach’s natural ability to create the acids that are needed for digestion, which mean that it is even harder for the body to breakdown the meat and animal products. So you got meat and food just fermenting in your body. Just imagine what it smells like to leave milk or meat out for a day, what do you think that undigested food smells like at 98 degrees?! And most people are not eating enough fiber, fruits, and veggies that help to clear out the crap and balance out the belly. This allows so many diseases, parasites, and health issues to thrive. So investigate a probiotic supplement, decrease the animal products, and increase your fruits and veggies.

If you need help creating a lifestyle diet plan or would like a nutrition coach, please email me. firefitnesscoach@gmail.com


Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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