Featured FitChick: Jo’annes Diana Williams

It should be evident that obesity rates and health related issues running rampant in our country. (Nearly 70% of adults are overweight or obese and 47% of children (ages 2-19) are overwieght or obese.) But there are many people who are bucking this trend. I hear the many reasons/excuses why people can’t get to the gym (family obligations, work, time, etc), so I decided to highlight people that are focusing on their health in spite of all of that. SO INTRODUCING….

Jo’annes Diana Williams

When did you fall in love with health and fitness?
I fell in love with health and fitness when I noticed my clothes were no longer fitting me!  Also, the added energy, sleeping better, skin appearing more glowing and flawless, and overall confidence boost made me fall HARD in love!  I’m currently at “addiction” level! 

How has health and fitness changed your life?
I came from morbid obesity.  At the age of 19, I was already 387 lbs at my heaviest.  I was attending college at the time and couldn’t afford it, so I decided to join the Army to pay for it.  Of course I could not join at 387 lbs, so I did EVERYTHING it took to lose the weight.  I lost the first 170 lbs (yes, 170 lbs!) in the first 5 months.  After that… my life turned in the most incredible direction!  Health and fitness has opened up doors for me that would not be possible if I did not get in shape.  I thank God for the determination and motivation it took to get through those times.  Everyday was a struggle!
How are you able to balance your personal responsibilities (kids, spouse, other family obligations, work, hobbies, etc)?
I’m a boot camp trainer, single with no kids!  So, I guess I’m blessed to not have the additional stressors in my life!  I’ve been blessed with AWESOME administrative and personal assistants who help me balance my schedule and keep me afloat.  I schedule my week every Sunday as well as my food and “playtime”.  If I don’t schedule my day by the hour, I get behind and “stressed.”
How do you fit in workouts when your time is limited?
I workout on the go and ALWAYS keep it moving.  Even if I’m just standing in line in the grocery store, I’ll do squats or arm lifts or something!  I might look crazy to others, but I could care less!  This is MY body and I’ll do with it what I please! 
What was the biggest life adjustment on this journey?
The biggest life adjustment was having to tell friends and family I have “other” things to do.  Where usually I would go to the movies or go hang out, now I’m in the gym during those times.  Friends and family had a hard time adjust at first, but they became used to it and used to me “scheduling” my free time with them.  My health and fitness now comes first (after God), but first before anything else!
What is your favorite workout move?
My favorite workout is weight lifting! I LOVE weights, big ole heavy, floor slamming weights!  “Weight loss makes you look good in clothes…but muscle (weight training), makes you look good NAKED!” I saw that quote somewhere and well baby, it’s true!  I love building and reshaping my muscles!
What is your favorite clean meal? Clean treat? (Please share a recipe)
My favorite meal is spinach, cabbage, and tomato soup.  Simple.  I grind up some spinach, shred the cabbage, and dice the tomatoes and throw it all in one big pot together and steam lightly for 15-20 minutes.  It’s a FANTASTIC concoction for cleaning out the system and having something in the crockpot – on the go – for people on the run!

Can you offer any advice to other busy women on how to get started down a healthier path?
The FIRST THING you must do is PLAN!  If you don’t plan, you’ll fail.  Don’t just aimlessly do things without a goal.  Plan your fitness events every Sunday to prepare for your Monday – Friday work and WORKOUT week.  If all you’ve got is 8:00 – 8:50 am daily, then do it!  That’s YOUR time that no one can take from you!  So, PLAN & work!  Work your plan!

What are your future goals?
My future goals are to officially and professionally compete in Figure and power lifting competitions!  I’m excited about my continued journey and taking my body to the maximum level!  You only live once!  Do it all, DO IT BIG!

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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