My Vegan Competition: 9 Weeks Out

So I met with my new posing coach last week for an evaluation session. This meant that it was time to pull out the competition suit and heels and put them on for the first time in many months. Putting on this suit is very sobering and it REALLY highlights your problem areas. (le sigh) But that evaluation as hard as it is to hear, really allows you to focus and set a game plan. What was pretty awesome about meeting with my posing coach, who also happens to be a competitor, she started adjusting my suit to where it fit properly and was placed in the correct place. I did not have that hands on experience last year. She made me look better just by fixing the suit. (That was pretty awesome.) So while I do have more work to do and more weight to lose, I am confident that I will have  a good showing this year.

At least when I put on the suit for the first time this year, I didn’t almost cry. Last year, when I got my suit in the mail I was super excited…until I actually opened the package. I was thinking, “where was the rest of it?” I had to see for myself how this little piece of material was gonna cover anything on my body. I traipsed into the room and put it on. OMG! It was terrifying! All kinds of things started going through my brain. “I am going to embarrass myself.”; “I can’t back now. I have already told all of Facebook that I was competing.”; “SH!T..what did I get myself into?!” and many more thoughts like that. I could not sleep that night because of worry. And all I wanted to do was go to the gym. But I worked through alla that. I eventually got up on the stage AND I didn’t embarrass myself. But let me tell you, it takes a lot of nerve to get into one of those suits and get up on a stage with lots of lights and so many people look at you and having judges evaluating your flaws. Awww…the joys of competing 🙂

First weigh in: 133
Last Week’s Weigh in: 129.5
This Week’s Weigh in: 128.8 (it is a loss…coming on strong next week, just watch!)

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I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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