We gotta do something…NOW!

I have different eyes now that I am a trainer. I tend to just observe people’s bodies, mannerisms, and food choices while I am out. I am thoroughly convinced that there will be a major sh!tstorm in the next 10 years healthwise. And people’s health, or lack of, will bleed into every aspect of people’s lives…just watch. Finances will be jacked up with healthcare and drug costs. Careers could be effected. Relationships could be strained. But maybe that story doesn’t have to come to fruition…

Every last one of us know someone who is severely overweight/obese or unhealthy. These are our husbands/wives, children, co-workers, neighbors. These people are our loved ones and (hopefuly) people you want to keep around. So why is it that so many of us enable our loved ones to virtually “suicide by food?” As a community, as a family, just as people who care, we are gonna have to “man up” and start having some loving, but uncomfortable and frank discussions. We have got to make our loved ones understand that their lack of health does not occur in a bubble. It does not only effect the individual, it effects everyone they come in contact with…in some way.

We have to stop this epidemic of obesity that is plaguing our families and communities. It is gonna take a major mental shift from everyone. And it will take the effort of everyone. Is your daughter or son worth it? Is your husband/wife/significant other worth it? Are your parents worth it? Let’s look hard and long at the health of our loved ones and recognize that they need help…RIGHT NOW! Do your part!

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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