Live a Life of Abundance

Just now, I was driving and this blog post just popped in my brain. I had to get home quick and get this out, because while many profound ideas pop in my brain, some don’t manifest into a blog or on facebook or twitter. But this one was a good one, and could very easily change someone’s life…yeah, like I said PROFOUND! My huge-ly, awesome-ly profound statement…

Live in abundance, not scarcity. Now, I did not come up with this idea, but I will put this in the context of health and wellness….which will lead you to your best life possible. There will always be things, circumstances, excuses, whatever that prevent you from reaching your health and fitness goals.

Some possible things, circumstances, excuses that are holding you back:

  • time
  • significant other
  • work schedule
  • transportation
  • finances
  • bad knee/hip/back/wrist/whatever
  • just don’t know where to start
  • nothing has worked in the past, so why bother?

Now I will take a few of these things, circumstances, excuses and show you how a few minor tweeks can considerably change your outlook.

  • Time: Who does have enough time, I mean really. I have never heard anyone say that they always have enough time for all their obligations and leisure time…NEVER. But what some people do better than other is prioritize. Have you really examined your life and where you may be wasting time. Maybe you can watch one less hour of TV or shut off the computer. Maybe you can go to bed at a reasonable hour so that you can wake without hitting the snooze button 4 times. Maybe you can spend less time on your morning beauty process, and more time on your wellness process. These are some things you really have to examine. And once you figure out where you are wasting time, you will see how much time you really do have. The next step will be to use that “extra” time more efficiently. Now clearly you didn’t miraculously gain an extra hour a day, but you did kind of because you changed your priorities. For example, after figuring that by hitting snooze everyday, you were wasting 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you were losing 100 minutes. And then you noticed that you do watching 6 hours of reality TV a week, which is an additional 360 minutes. I have just found you more than 7.5 hours a week that can be better utilized. That means that you can spend 5 days a week working out for an hour and still have 2.5 hours to cook and prep healthy meals for you and your family. You like that? EXTRA time just like magic!
  • Busy at work: Ummm, who isn’t busy at work? Oh, maybe the millions of people who are unemployed or underemployed. Some people kill me with the work complaints, but someone else would kill to have that job. That could be one thing to remember to help you see why you are already in a position of abundance. Just having a job is a blessing in this economy. Then other ways to make your life more abundant: smile! You are gonna be at work for half of your waking hours, you may as well be happy during that time. Make sure that you are truly being the best employee possible, because ya never know who is watching you. If you are always complaining about this task or that employee, you will come across as negative. Why would any boss be crazy enough to promote a negative, complaining person? A boss may think, “You are unhappy, I may as well let you stay that way.” Instead, come to work and handle your business…PROFESSIONALLY! Act as if you were the owner or CEO. Get things done early and maybe you can work out flex time with your boss. Finish your projects quicker so that you are not bringing work home or working on the weekends. Magically…job happiness more abundant!
  • You have a bad knee/hip/back/whatever: I had a bad knee up until this year when I started going to the chiropractor. So I completely understand pain. Pain sucks and really can limit the things you can do. But that doesn’t mean that you are not able to do anything. Yes, you may have a bad knee, but your arms and shoulders are very strong. You can do tons of sit ups and pushups. You figured out that the elliptical doesn’t cause you as much pain. So figure out what you can do and fix your problem areas. (Don’t just cover up the pain with drugs…fix the real issue.) You see, I am not a doctor, I cannot cure your aching body part, but I do want you to appreciate the rest of your perfectly awesome body parts and use them accordingly.
  • You just don’t know where to start: Ok, so ima bust this one up real quick. If you are reading this blog, you know how to navigate facebook, twitter, and some other site on the innawebbs. I bet money you know where to get the latest celebrity gossip and how to book your vacation. So if you have that much knowledge, even just the basics, you know how to find some information on how to live healthier. So many times people would rather live in their ignorance and wait on others to fix things. NO! STOP THAT! Take some responsibility for your health and wellness. And if you don’t want to do the research, HIRE SOMEONE! There are tons of trainers (hint, hint), dieticians, natural remedy specialists, and some doctors (who actually know about nutrition and health, not just drugs.) So just now I have taken you from a point of view of “I don’t know” to a POV of “it is my responsibility to find out.” That is so much more rewarding and empowering.

I could have gone through my whole list of things, circumstances, excuses, but I’m sure that you get the point. I am also sure that there are tons of other excuses that you can throw at me. But I am positive that I can turn your scarcity into abundance. So give it a try.

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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