Exit Stage Left…and the show is now ova!

I woke up the Thursday before the show freaking excited about life. I felt like a kid on their birthday or on Christmas day. Even though I was hungry, exhausted physically, and mentally drained, my whole spirit was energized. I knew that this was my last workout before my show…and I also knew that my day was less than 48 hours away. It kinda felt like getting ready for prom. I had to get my hair, nails, and toes done. I had my make up artist lined up. I had the sparkly jewelry and suit…I was ready. (And ready for some real food, that is probably why I was super excited!)

So Thursday was the day I started cutting back on water. (For those of you who don’t know, many competitors cut water, like boxers or wrestlers cut water, in order to lean out. Some people use water pills or diuretics, but everybody quits drinking water.) I went from drinking more than a gallon a day of water, to drinking a half gallon (8 glasses.) Now I know that most folks don’t even get that much water in everyday, but when you are working out like I do, plus have a body that is trained to get tons of water, it was hard cutting down that dramatically. I was literally dragging, but my spirit was still pumped. I finished my full body workout and cardio session and I still had a final posing practice in my suit. You cannot imagine the difficulty in being dehydrated and then having to stand still and flex your muscles for minutes at a time. My body was threatening to fall over, but I got through that also and a final dress rehearsal was so beneficial. It was funny because I was causing such a stir in the locker room. I had all these women kinda just oogling me…thank goodness I am not shy. But I guess you can’t be when you are wearing an itty bitty competition suit. After that I spent the rest of the day resting and trying not to be thirsty.

Friday comes….YAY! I was even more excited about this day. I still could not drink water, but at least I didn’t have to workout. AND I was one day closer to SHOWTIME! I had a few last minute things to do like packing and of course buying my cheesecakes before me and Jaiz (my boyfriend) got on the road. And we were off. And then we were in stop-N-go traffic…grrrrr. Nothing calms your nerves more than being in traffic, having tons of tolls to pay, and going through construction work zones. (insert sarcasm) But I wasn’t driving and staying  just as calm as possible. Finally, after 2 hours in traffic, we get to the hotel and I get ready to check in….check in the hotel and check in for the show…this is where I knew that I may have a problem. I was checking out my competition and I was thinking, “I don’t look anything like these girls.” I didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing, regardless, I felt good in what I looked like. I fell asleep happy and calm, but anxious and ready.

SATURDAY IS HERE…SHOWTIME!!! YAY!  Can you tell I am excited? Everything that I have worked for and sacrificed for and trained for is about to be put on display. There were absolutely no nerves, I was just ready. And nothing, not even being locked out of my hotel room and getting lost on the way to the venue and being late to the athlete’s meeting, was gonna shake my resolve. At the end of the day, everything happened  how it was supposed to happen. And there were no major issues…life is/was in harmony 🙂

My observations/experiences:

  • There were some funny looking tans. Some people didn’t tan their faces…or were “sunburn” red. I was baffled.
  • Having tanner applied to you is very interesting and revealing and intimate. I am just glad I had my boyfriend there to apply mine because, ummm yeah…ya gotta put the tanner all over…use your imagination 😉
  • I have never gotten “stage ready.” So wearing all the dramatic make up, plus tanner and oil, was a bit much for me. But feeling like a celebrity for a little while was fun.
  • There is a room called the “pump up” room, where competitors pump up their muscles before getting on the stage. It is quite a sight to watch oily, tanned people with very revealing suits doing a complete workout…like really pumping iron and doing push ups.
  • Being back stage, you learn that these shows are very “smoke and mirrors.” Tanner, oil, and bright stage lights can make folks look way better than they do in person.
  • They have tons of cookies and candy back stage! You know us carb and sugar deprived people were super-duper excited!
  • I was so blown away to get all of the virtual support. It really did make the show that much better. Social media really does close the distance gap.
  • Dinner afterwards was at T.G.I.Fridays. Why did this dinner seem like a 5-star meal? Man, I went in on the food.
  • I went on a serious sugar binge…made up for lost times! Now the world is in equilibrium!
  • My facebook friend summed this experience up for me, “Congrats on your healthy life makeover!” ‘Cause even though I didn’t place, I still got this best prize of all, this new body and a new appreciation for food.
  • Oh, and I am not sure when or even if I want to do another…so ya might as well not ask.


Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

One thought on “Exit Stage Left…and the show is now ova!

  1. I have always wanted to be in that great of shape..not actually do a show, just know I could. Now at 44 it would take some serious effort, but you make me want to do it! I am going to check out the rest of your site, but I’d love any “advice” you’d like to give to an oldster LOL!

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