My Big Day is almost here…

I am a morning person naturally. I am that person that can wake before the alarm and get the day started without hitting snooze and with tons of vigor. I am that person who is annoyingly happy first thing in the morning to the point that I would probably be annoyed with someone else if they acted like me. So waking up this morning at 4 am, I was like a kid on their birthday or at Christmas. I was so excited for the possibilities…whatever they may be…and just HAPPY! I started the coffee and my boyfriend’s morning smoothie, cooked me some breakfast and prepped some meals, cleaned up, and did some laundry (all before 5:30 am.) Told you I’m a morning person. And I am doing this even with all the dieting and training that I have been doing. Right now I am running on pure adrenaline, hope, and pixie dust cause it shole ain’t alot of food calories in me!

I can tell you this though. Even with all the stress I am putting my body through, the crazy diet, the expenses, I am still having a freaking blast. I am loving this rollercoaster and I am happy that I embarked on it. How often do you actually see people happy in their decisions…or truly going for their goals? Probably not too many. So many people are so scared to fail, that they never accomplish anything. Well, I am that person who chooses not to fail, and will figure out how I will accomplish my goal no matter what. I personally don’t like letting myself down. Anywho…the big day is 2 days away. I am not nervous or scared or any of those other negative adjectives. I AM READY! I have put in the work, and now it is time to strut my stuff. (Cause y’all can see the suit hides nothing 🙂

Well, my next post will be to report my results and how the competition went. But regardless of any of that, I win because I did. Not everybody can do this. Oh, and my body is hotter than ever…shoot, y’all see those abs and legs. If I don’t win anything, I can smile at that accomplishment! (I added a pic of me from 6 months ago (Nov. 2010.) Though I was not huge, I was a lot softer. You can definitely see the difference.)

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

One thought on “My Big Day is almost here…

  1. Congratulations girl! I have tickets already for the competition since another friend of mine has been training for it as well. I am a fan of both of you!

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