Last week was a awesomely clean week…

I had to regroup and reset on the diet. The one that I had at first was just too restrictive, and I just kept thinking of all the things that I could not have, instead what I could. Well, I added a little fruit to my diet to tame my sweet tooth, reminded the people around me to not eat scrumptious chocolate around me, and now I am good. I was good all last week and lost another pound. I am down 4 pounds in total, (after having a small weight gain.)
Eating clean is not about being perfect. There are so many temptations out there. It is about making the best decisions possible and mitigating any diet damage through exercise. Also once you do clean up your diet, your body will start to reject the bad food. You will (or should) feel so awesome about your results that you wouldn’t want to revert back to your old ways. My dad asked me just yesterday, “how do I know that I won’t gain the weight back?” I had to remind him that I hadn’t gained back 40 pounds in 2 years, and my body won’t accept anything but real food right now…anything less makes me sick…literally.

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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