>Why do people wait so long???

>We all, especially women, notice changes in our bodies. We have to because if we change too much, our clothes fit differently. We start to feel differently. So I am wondering, and wish that someone would actually answer me, why do people wait so long to get their health on track?

I was in the ladies’ locker room last week, and I saw this lady getting dressed for her work day. I wasn’t all out gawking, but I caught glimpses of her in the mirror without being very obvious. This lady had soooo much extra skin, like a deflated balloon. You could tell that she was really big and that she recently lost ALOT of weight. She was also an older lady. So not only does she have all this extra skin, the fact that she is older means that her skin just won’t pop back into place…it has been so stretched out for way too long. This older lady’s body is probably along the same lines that many people our age will look like in the near future. I mean just look around. We are all carrying around waaayyyy too much weight. And folks wanna act like they are happy and comfortable wearing all those pounds, and that is fine. But just as soon as the real dangerous aspects of all that weight start becoming apparent, then folks will scramble to lose it.

But why wait so long? Why wait until you are having real health problems, or until your skin is so stretched out to start making changes? That cannot be a very comfortable way to live. I personally do not know…so I am guessing that having alot of extra skin and weight kinda makes things challenging in life. If you are actually reading this, you probably have that motivation to make a change, and actually continue with healthy choices. But maybe have to nerve to bring someone along with you on this journey. Help someone else to not make that mistake. We should all work to encourage someone else…I am doing my part. Will you??


Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

2 thoughts on “>Why do people wait so long???

  1. >Hi LaQueshaI think there are lots of different, individual reasons but I often make similar experience when talking to people who need a serious change in lifestyle or when doing research on it.(lack of ) pressure, denial, "won't happen to me", lack of staying power/inpatience. Most people won't be able to start a change, even if there is a little bit of motivation, before they feel a strong pressure (maybe due medical reasons). Some of them will deny to themsevles that there is a problem and therfore bad effects ( example smoking) won't happen to them. too, it takes a while until your body and mind gets used to a new habbit or to see a real effect- some people just don't have the staying power or are too inpatient. and maybe to add- if one of these points is the case, I'd say lack of support and information where to get help. your blog is great LaQuesha- motivation lots of people :)But I am curious. I hope there are gonna be more comments on this.

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