>Weigh-In Wednesday

>YAY!!! I am officially out of this slump. I am seeing changes in my body. I feel good. Life is freaking awesome. One thing I have found out about myself is that I am motivated by results. Once I actually started seeing the changes, my workouts have getting that much more intense. It is the complete opposite of a plateau slump. Getting through that slump is the hard part…it does require some determination and hard work though. What does NOT work is crying, self-pity, or quitting. Get over it and get moving.

I can only speak of things that I have personally experienced, and I am getting closer and closer to my goal. What are your goals? And what are you willing to do or sacrifice to get there? I can testify that it is NOT easy once you hit a certain age. If you have allowed yourself to get way too big or out of shape, you are gonna have to work that much harder to rectify that. If you keep putting it off, the situation won’t get better, it will only get worse. Then you will have to correct the past issues, and whatever you tacked on to the back end (pun intended…hehehe!) So write out your goals and figure out how you can get there. If you need some help, please feel free to comment and ask me. I will respond to questions. (Actually questions are nice because it will give me topics to write about 🙂 Anyways, until next time….LaQuesha

4/14-155.6 lbs
4/7-156.4 lbs
3/31-158 lbs
3/24-158 lbs
3/17-159 lbs
3/10-159 lbs

Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

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