WWQD (What would Quesha do?)

I am on FB trying to motivate people just as much, if not more than I am on my blog. As of right now I reach more folks that way. Recently I had a friend a friend post a comment on my page that made me chuckle. She said, “I know you don’t have gym roll call on Saturday but I want you to know that I got my butt spanked this morning at Ballys by Peter who thought he was Justin Timberlake teaching my Extreme Urban Moves class!! I thought of you the whole time!!! I need a “WWQD” wristband to look at every time I am about to walk out of those classes that continue to kick my rear end!! LMBO!!!” This comment made me laugh out loud. But I really think a WWQD bracelet would be freaking awesome! (And it would be a definite ego boost, not that I need that!)

Most folks that know me know that I am all about health and exercise. Some kind of way it ends up being a topic of conversation all the time. It is to the point that folks that I work with make it a point to tell me when they have started working out again. I have friends telling me about their weight loss progress. I even have people at the gym asking me for advice…and I am not a trainer. Honestly, everything I know is from trial and error, asking for help, and my own research. So I am happy to pass along whatever nuggets I have gathered over the years. And I think that having a WWQD bracelet would really help the folks that ask me for help.

I think people tend to act right when they know someone is watching over their shoulder. This can go for anything in life, especially for things that it is easy to kinda cheat at if you are allowed to: work, relationships, taxes. But if you know someone is watching your moves or checking in on you periodically, you would be more apt to fly…right? So even if I don’t have any bracelets to hand out that say “What would Quesha do?”, just having that on your brain would (hopefully) help you make better decisions…hopefully. (But I know that no one is perfect, I know that I am not.)

Let me just tell you a few things that Quesha would do:

1) I work out 5-6 days a week. I have a workout partner, but even if he isn’t with me I still work out. You know why? Because he checks on me, just like I am virtually checking on you.
2) I watch what I eat, but I am not so strict that I will break down crying at the mere sight of some cake. I still will eat my chocolate or sweets (which is my weakness), but in moderation. I will eat bread products, but I run ALOT so it burns off instead of turning to fat! One tip I got from the “Biggest Loser” last week, that I plan on implementing in my life is: have a strict diet Monday and Tuesday, be moderately strict Wednesday-Friday, and kinda splurge on the weekend, (but don’t totally ruin all of your progress because that would be totally silly.) This will give you some flexibility and it will allow you to still enjoy your favorite foods.
3) I keep track of everything. I write down my workouts. I track my food intake and calorie burn. And I track my weight loss and body measurement progress. I do all this to know if I need to re-vamp anything or to pat myself on the back when I am doing good.
4) Most importantly, I am honest with myself. At the end of the day, the only person that really matters in my journey is me. So I cannot and will not lie to myself. That would defeat the whole process.
So that is just about everything that Quesha would do. Let me know what you think…leave a comment if you passed through so that I know I am not just talking to space =)


Published by Coach LQ

I am a mom, wife, and personal trainer. And becoming a mom has fortified my passion for health and wellness. I want to be the healthiest I can be for my family, and I want to help others be the same.

2 thoughts on “WWQD (What would Quesha do?)

  1. >Hey! You aren't talking to space. I totally agree with the fact that you can get more done and have more success when there is accountability. Gotta get back to work now, but let me know when you take this LQ Movement further and need conferencing services so you can hold a weekly motivational call or webinar!! 🙂

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